Dog Boarding Rules

Dog Boarding Rules

The following rules will apply for all Boarding Reservations:

  • The drop-off window for boarding at our King of Prussia location is 10am – 4pm, and the drop-off window for boarding at our Downingtown location is 7am – 1pm. Please contact the Front Desk at your boarding location if you would like to discuss a drop-off time outside of these designated time frames.
    • All dogs checked in after 4:00 PM must have already been fed dinner.
    • All required immunizations must be uploaded into the dogs profile, or emailed to before any reservation will be accepted. Here is the list of documents:
  • Prior to drop-off, please have your pets profile updated within the Gingr point of sale system. Please include a recent photo if the current one is outdated. Please also provide updated feeding and, or, medication instructions.
  • Upon arrival all meds must be in their original container. At check-in you will be asked to fill out a medication sheet.
  • Items allowed  will be limited to a 1 blanket, and 1 toy. Beds and blankets will not be accepted for dogs checking into the Dorms or the Link. Alternatively, they will be provided by Playtime Pet Resort.
  • Dogs must have on a quick release collar and a name tag. If for any reason, your pet doesn’t have one we can provide either for an additional charge.
  • Please do not include measuring cups or bowls, as we have plenty on hand here at PPR. All food should be pre-portioned and labeled. If your dog is here for an extended stay, we will allow a large container properly labeled.
  • Upon check-in, please review the reservation details with a PPR staff member to ensure any and all additional services have been added and assigned the proper times. This is really important!!
  • A PPR staff member will reach out if your pet(s) has missed a meal, so if you do not hear from us this indicates that your pet has a healthy appetite.
  • Your are welcome to call in for periodic updates, or you can request Photo Updates and/or Report cards for an additional fee.

These protocols are designed to streamline the check-in / check-out process, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you from the Playtime Team.

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