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Dog Training in King of Prussia PA

Looking for the best dog training in King of Prussia PA and the Main Line area? Playtime Pet Resort is proud to have Dayna Villa, leader of Taking The Lead Dog Training, as our head trainer. Dayna has been certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers since 2010 and specializes in using positive reinforcement methods that are both dog- and human-friendly.

Why Choose Playtime Pet Resort Training?

We believe that good dogs aren’t born, they are trained. At Playtime Pet Resort, we use positive reinforcement-based methods that will promote lasting learning effects for your dog. Science has shown that using harmful tools such as e-collars, prong collars, and whips will result in long term psychological damage. Our trainers, who are experts in dog behavior, can help you build a better understanding of your dog, and this will foster positive communication between you and your furry friend. Dayna and her team will get your dog trusting and learning from you in no time.

My training experience comes from working in animal welfare & animal shelters since 2008, so I have experience with a variety of dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and origin. I have also consulted with clients in their homes since 2010 and have twice been chosen to speak at the Best Friends National Conference on animal welfare on the topics of training & behavior for shelter dogs. I have worked with thousands of dogs and people using science-based positive reinforcement techniques that are humane, easy-to-implement, and highly effective to achieve behavior change.

Training Classes

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Private Session
Receive one-on-one coaching directly with Dayna, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, to learn how to best work your dog to see the best results.
Day Training
While your pup attends daycare or is boarding, Dayna works individually for one hour with him/her on the behaviors of your choosing. Video summaries will be provided of the work done and progress made.Starts at $75
*Pricing is for training only, does not include daycare fee.

For more information about Dayna and Taking The Lead Dog Training, click here. Payment is due upon booking for a training service.

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