Dog Training

Dog Training in King of Prussia PA

Looking for the best dog training in King of Prussia PA and the Main Line area? We are proud to have partnered with Michelle McGill and Underdogs Training as our trainer at Playtime Pet Resort, and their training facility is co-located with us at our facility.

Why choose Underdogs Training?

We believe that great dogs aren’t born, they’re trained. Underdogs Training uses positive reinforcement based methods which will promote learning for your dog with long lasting effects. Science has shown us that using harmful tools such as e-collars, prong collars, and whips only lead to long term psychological damage. Our trainers, who are experts at communicating with dogs, can help you understand your dog, which will foster positive communication between you and him/her. Michelle, a graduate of the Victoria Stillwell Academy, along with her team, will get your dog trusting and learning from you in no time.

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