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We believe that good dogs aren’t born, they’re trained. At Playtime Pet Resort, we use positive reinforcement-based methods with an emphasis on clear expectations and motivation that promotes longer-lasting results. Our trainers, who are experts in dog behavior, can help you build a better understanding of your dog and foster positive communication between you and your furry friend. Sarah, and her team, will get your dog working with you in no time!

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Meet Our Trainer

Sarah Shelanski

Dog Trainer Sarah ShelanskiSarah Shelanski is currently completing her certification through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and is an approved Evaluator for the American Kennel Club. With five years of professional experience in dog training, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Sarah’s education included a two-month intensive internship through a force-free, fear-free facility, followed by a three-week long mentorship guided by a certified professional dog trainer. She also attends a multitude of dog training and canine behavior seminars, workshops, and classes annually to continually improve her training knowledge and techniques. Sarah’s training methodology is based on utilizing positive reinforcement and motivational methods of dog training to prioritize clear communication through the leash.

Beyond her personal endeavors, Sarah is deeply committed to volunteer work and service in her community. In the past, she has:

  • Volunteered as a counselor for the Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s Canine Handler Academy during the summer months. Her focus was primarily on the handling and training of working dogs, as well as educating campers on the selection, training, and care of working dogs.
  • Volunteered with two local service dog organizations, aiding individuals with disabilities in training their own service dogs and assisting in raising future service dogs.

Sarah currently volunteers as a K9 search and rescue handler with PaWSAR (Pennsylvania Wilderness Search and Rescue) with her K9 partner, Lux. In her downtime, she also trains with Lux for competitive canine sports where they’ve earned many trophies and titles together!

Ryan Berkelbach

Ryan is thrilled to be joining the Playtime Pet Resort team. He started his own dog training business in 2022 and specialized in dog reactivity, service dogs, basic and advanced obedience.

Image of a cute black and white dog playing with a chew toyRyan believes in building the relationship between a dog and it’s owner. Dogs don’t just need walks, they need mental enrichment and emotional engagement. Leaning on the teachings of Nina Ottossson that “the dog has four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways – both physical and mental.” If you are seeing any unwanted behaviors at home it could be due to your pup needing some extra enrichment.

Ryan trained his two service dogs, both of which worked by his side in an Apple Retail store for 2 years. Ryan studied at the Animal Behavioral College and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He follows the LIMA (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) Method of dog training.

Ryan’s service dog Duke, was the first service dog to offer PTSD support to an employee within Apple, Inc.

Training Classes

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Training ConsultationA training consult is required before booking any training service. It allows our trainer the opportunity to get to know you and your pup as well as better recommend training services.$30
Day Training Day Training dogs receive customized training throughout their day as well as enrichment activities and a complimentary report card. Day Training also includes access to our Social Training groups when ready! $60/day
Add-on service
Social TrainingCustomized training related to your dog’s social needs. Social Training allows your dog to be trained and engage in a training-specific group of hand-picked dogs. A complimentary report card is provided. $40/day
Add-on service
Board & TrainThis program offers weeks of high-level training and enriching activities during your dog’s stay. Training is customized to your specific needs. Report cards and private coaching are provided.Starting at $1,300/week
Private Training1-on-1 training sessions tailored to your specific needs. Private Training allows you to learn alongside your dog through individualized coaching lessons with our trainer.Starting at $65/half-hour lesson

Payment is due upon booking for a training service.

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